Roman-Dacian wars

The Dacian Wars (101–102, 105–106) were two military campaigns fought between the Roman Empire and Dacia during Roman Emperor Trajan’s rule. Dacia, an area north of Macedon and Greece and east of the Danube that had been on the Roman agenda since before the days of Caesar when they defeated a Roman army at the Battle of Histria. Directly to the north of Jiu Valley lie the ruins of the Dacian capital of Sarmizegetusa Regia and the six citadel fortresses (Sarmizegetusa, Costești-Blidaru, Piatra Roșie, Costeşti-Cetățuie, Căpâlna and Băniţa) built to protect the capital from the invading legions of Roman Emperor Trajan.

Dacian fortresses near Jiu Valley

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Dacian fortress of Bănița: 45.469722, 23.216667
Sarmizegetusa Regia (UNESCO Heritage): 45.622717, 23.310439
Costeşti-Blidaru Dacian Fortress: 45.667835, 23.162742
Costești-Cetățuie Dacian fortress: 45.680100, 23.154416
Piatra Roșie Dacian fortress: 45.602264, 23.147403
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