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Alpen Edelweiß - <i>Leontopodium alpinum</i>

Alpen Edelweiß – Leontopodium alpinum

Participate in a variety of outdoor adventures, from its well-known skiing in the winter to rock climbing, caving/spelunking, mountain biking and hiking, paragliding, river rafting, etc. Explore the mountain ranges surrounding the Jiu Valley that contain some of the most diverse plant and animal life in Europe. Explore the numerous regional caves, from large well-known caves to numerous local caves still being discovered and explored by local spelunkers.

With the historical importance of coal mining in parts of the Jiu River Basin, the Valley has traditionally not been thought of as a Nature and Recreation destination; nevertheless, three important factors make the Valley an important find for adventure travelers and nature tourists:

  • Jiu Valley serves as a key gateway to Retezat National Park and various ranges (Parîng, Retezat, Surean, Vâlcan) within the surrounding Carpathian Mountains
  • The Jiu Valley is affordable.
  • The region is still relatively undiscovered. Because of its geographical location and socio-economic context, the forest and mountain regions surrounding Jiu Valley have not suffered as much from the environmental degradation of so many popular resort areas and mountains around Europe. Here one can still discover new caves, hike in the back-country without encountering hordes of noisy car-camping tourists, be able to pioneer new routes up challenging cliff ascents, and witness Carpathian animals such as the elusive bear, chamois, wild boar, and wolves.

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