Transylvanian Alps


Early morning light in the Transylvanian Alps (Southern Carpathians).
[Photo credit: Lucian Sarmatean, 2013]

The mountain ranges surrounding Jiu Valley (Retezat, Vâlcan, Surean, Parâng) are part of the Transylvanian Alps, also referred to as the Southern Carpathians (Romanian: Carpații Meridionali), a group of mountain ranges that divide central and southern Romania, on one side, and Serbia, on the other. They cover the part of the Carpathian Mountains located between the Prahova River in the east and the Timiș and Cerna Rivers in the west. To the south they are bounded by the Balkan mountain range in Serbia.

The Southern Carpathian are the second highest group of mountains in the Carpathian Mountain range (after Tatra), reaching heights of over 2,500 meters. Although considerably smaller than the Alps, they are classified as having an alpine landscape.

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Retezat Mountains: 45.356488, 22.951813
Parâng Mountains: 45.339408, 23.558342
Retezat National Park: 45.333948, 22.820701
Retezat Reserve Gemenele: 45.370087, 22.814655
Vâlcan Mountains: 45.336431, 23.320423
Surean mountains: 45.634206, 23.227844


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