Surean Mountains

The Sureanu Mountains belong to the Parâng range, with peaks frequently exceeding 2000 m. They are primarily characterized as a highland with meadows and pastures, with very large forested area throughout the surrounding 1200-1400 m high mountains. In the southern area of these mountains there is a limestone region with several caves, hills and gorges. Examples of these are the Cioclovina, Tecuri, Sura Mare caves which are regarded as monuments of nature.

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Surean mountains

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Surean mountains 45.634206, 23.227844 Surean Mountains

One can easily reach the springs of the Lotru river, on the NR 7A, 30 km away from Petrosani. Once at the Lotru springs, one can reach, by auto, the Calcescu Lake in approx. 2 hours and can continue trekking towards the Sureanu Peak and Patru Peak. The easiest approach is from Voivodu lodging, situated on a wilderness road… far to the lodging to Cimpa (near by Lonea). Other lodgings in the area of Sureanu Mountains are the Ranca, Voivodul, Sureanu, Oasa, Obârsia Lotrului and Groapa Seaca.


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